How to colour your soap with green tea powder

A lovely friend of mine from South Korea has brought me some ingredients to experiment with in my soaps. And there’s nothing I love more than experimenting! The first ingredient I have tried was the green tea powder. In it’s natural state it has a yellow-green colour but I was curious to see how it … Read more

Botanical eucalyptus soap with hemp oil

I have spent a lot of time lately making natural soap to give to friends, family and to anyone in the community who might need it. With the lack of soap from the shops lately I am sure a lot of people will need some.  But besides the practical reasons, it’s also a way of … Read more

How to make natural soap

We’ve all seen soaps disappear from the shops in the last 12 months, and that’s something we never thought we’d see. If you want to be prepared learn how to make natural soap with us!  Making natural soap is actually very easy, with a good formula and easy instructions. You can learn to make soap … Read more

Hand sanitizer is good, soap is better

At least as per the information issued by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention from US. CDC is one of the major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services in US and they have written a comprehensive article on why soap is better than hand sanitizer, which you can find here. … Read more