We organise creative workshops for companies

Our natural cosmetics making workshops help:

Create a happier workplace

Boost productivity and motivation

Reduce sick days

Improve performance and motivation

Develop lateral thinking

Develop mental resilience

A happy employee is a loyal employee, and supporting the wellbeing of your staff will have a positive snowball effect on your business

What is the impact of increased creativity?

Happier employees

Developed lateral thinking

Increased productivity

Increased profitability

Wellbeing course


Unwind from the daily stress and reset your brain

New skills course

New skills

Develop new skills by learning how to make your natural cosmetics at home


Boost creativity while working with scents, textures and colours

Creative course


Immerse yourself in the present and develop lateral thinking

Mindfulness course

What we do during the natural cosmetics making workshops

Make a cup of tea and relax. You are in a friendly environment, created to help you unwind and boost your creativity.

Enjoy working with new scents and textures, trying new things, and the feeling of accomplishment which comes from making something with your own two hands

  • Learn how to easily make different types of natural cosmetics at home (body butters, face and body oils, face and body scrubs, bath oils, bath bombs, etc)
  • Learn which are the best ingredients to use for your type of skin
  • What impact using natural scents (essential oils) has on your mood – relax, clarify, uplift
  • How to improve your skincare routine with self-made natural products and enhance your wellbeing
  • We will make natural cosmetic products together, which you can enjoy yourself or gift them to the ones you love!
  • Environmental friendly – make your own cosmetics and reduce the consumption of single use plastics
  • Social – learn in a group and exchange ideas. Gift what you make. Have a positive impact on your social environment!
  • Sustainability¬†– become more sustainable by making your own cosmetics at home

The group workshops will take place via Zoom, Google meet, Webex or Skype. 

Corporate wellbeing workshops