Relax and learn something new in a friendly atmosphere


Take time to relax and nurture yourself with natural cosmetics

New skills

Learn how to make your own natural cosmetics at home


Boost your creativity while working with scents, textures and colours

Thoughtful gifts

Learn to make handmade thoughtful gifts for the ones you love

What do we do during the workshop

First take a cup of tea and relax, then enjoy the workshop.

During the one hour wellbeing workshop you will learn:

  • How to make different types of natural cosmetics at home;
  • Which are the best ingredients to use;
  • The sensorial side of working with different scents and textures in natural cosmetics;
  • How to use natural scents (essential oils) to add a new sensorial dimension to hand made cosmetics;
  • How to improve your skincare routine with self-made natural products and enhance your wellbeing.

We will also make at least one natural cosmetic product together, mainly from ingredients you already have in your home. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment of making your own natural cosmetics and share them with the ones you love!

The group workshops will take place via Zoom, Google meet, Webex or Skype. We will provide you with a list of ingredients prior to the workshop, and suggestions where to buy the ingredients which are not usually found in a household.

For more details please contact us here