Soap maker

I have been enjoying making natural handmade soap and natural skincare products for almost 10 years now, and teaching for 6 years, but my story with soap making started more than 30 years ago. I grew up seeing my maternal grandmother and mother make their own soap by using the hot process method (rendered animal fat, butters and oils were boiled in a solution of lye and water). I have since experimented with my own soap making techniques and ingredients, and have gathered extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when making your own soap. Then I have started experimenting with, and making, my own natural cosmetics and I have never looked back! I’ve been holding soap making workshops for the Natural Soap Workshop since more than 6 years and enjoying it tremendously. I also have the pleasure to teach natural soap making for the charity Walworth Garden since one year, and in 2019 I acted as lab assistant at the University of Sunderland for their Cosmetic Science Course. 

I have always loved the creativity of making my own natural skincare products and that you can create a product that is both beautiful and good for you and the environment.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with anyone who is interested in learning about natural skincare, and train them into how to make fabulous natural cosmetics every time.

I hope you will enjoy my courses!