Natural soap is a blessing for your body and mind!

Made from luxurious oils and butters like coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter or cocoa butter, natural soap will give you a soft, healthy and glowing skin and is also known to help with skin issues such as dry, acne prone or sensitive skin. 
The essential oils used to scent the soap – lavender, lemongrass or eucalyptus – will turn your morning shower into a pampering spa-like experience.

Learning to make your own soap gives you the freedom to create your own luxurious natural soap the way you like it. You decide what goes into your soap, instead of buying something ready-made off the shelf, and can customise it to your skin’s needs.

Soap is also more effective than hand sanitiser at killing viruses and bacteria as proved by the scientists from TED-Ed (click here to view), and it’s not as harsh to the skin as alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

We started with natural soap, but then swiftly realised natural skincare is something everyone should enjoy, and started holding natural skincare workshops. With its luxurious oils and fragrant essential oils, natural skincare it’s a sensorial experience which does wonders for a person’s well-being.

Come learn how easy it is to make your own natural, sustainable skincare products! 

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Learn to make soap and gift your loved ones a handmade present which comes from the heart

Or buy them one of the courses as present 

Learn how easy it is to make hand sanitizing soap and natural skincare products from home

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Meet your educator

Roxana is an accomplished natural cosmetics maker and educator with almost 10 years of experience in making natural cosmetics, who is passionate about sharing her knowledge. Find out more about Roxana here.

DIY Hand Sanitizer SOap Course

Soap is more effective against any diseases than alcohol-based gel hand sanitizer as demonstrated by scientists in a very popular TED-Ed talk

Learn to make easy hand sanitizing soap using oils from the supermarket and equipment you have at home

Receive 7 successful soap formulas to make at home

Receive a certificate upon course completion

Find out more here


Learn to make moisturizing soap from luxurious ingredients

Detailed information will elevate you to expert soaper status

Learn how to make your own soap formulas (includes demonstration on how to use a soap calculator)

Learn to make Castille, Aleppo, milk, exfoliating and honey soap 

Receive 15 different successful soap formulas to make at home 

Receive a certificate upon course completion

Find out more here

Live Online natural cosmetics making COURSE

2 hours live natural products making group discussion including: which ingredients and essential oils to use, how will natural skincare products improve your skin and well-being and why it’s easier than thought to switch to natural skincare

Join your educator in making a batch of natural skincare products while explaining ingredients, equipment and steps

Ask as many questions you have and get them answered on the spot

Receive a certificate upon course completion

Read more and sign up here

Corporate wellbeing workshops

Corporate well-being workshops live online for groups (via Google meet or  Zoom)

A perfect team-building event where you learn how to make your own natural skincare products at home

Learn how to improve your skincare routine with self-made natural products, and enhance your wellbeing

Open discussion about natural skincare, how to make your own products at home, which ingredients and essential oils to use, and making a product under the guidance of your educator

To arrange a date or receive more details please enquire here

*Price doesn’t includes ingredients and will differ for groups over 10 people

private natural soap making course

Enjoy 2 hours of 1-to-1 soap or natural cosmetics making with your educator

Join your educator in making a batch of natural cosmetics live while explaining ingredients, equipment and steps of the process

Private Q&A session to answer any questions you might have

Received detailed course notes including cosmetics formula and support after the course

Receive a certificate upon course completion

Sign up via email here

Health and creativity

Express your creativity in your natural soap. Use luxurious oils and butters, rainbow colours, lovely fragrances and textures, experiment with natural ingredients and create your own soap formulas. You will always have thoughtful gifts on hand and can make money from selling your soaps.

Learn how to make your own fabulous natural soap and skincare products by joining one of the courses above

This courses are for you if

Be self-sufficient

You want to be more sustainable

Keep healthy

You want to learn how to make soap which keeps you healthy and is good for the environment

New hobby

You want to start a new hobby which will bring you extra money

Study in your own time

Enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own pace and retain access to the course for 1 year after purchase

Why learn with us

Download your Certificate of completion upon finishing the course

Download several soap formulas to try at home

Learn how to use luxurious natural ingredients

Learn how to make milk, honey and fruit soap without failing

Receive information about ingredient and equipment suppliers

Correct and complete information in one source

"Roxana was the perfect teacher and answered any questions we asked and gave us very in depth take away notes. Learning to make the soap was fascinating and very exciting and looking forward to using it. It was a nice small group. Would highly recommend."
"Honestly fantastic class. Roxana was so welcoming and really knows what she's talking about. Really appreciated her patience with us too as we had to reschedule on a few occasions to do the class but it was worth it in the end. Very straight forward, so easy to learn at least the basics to soap making, and the rest is experimenting really. We highly recommend this class."
"We had a great afternoon learning how to make soap. Roxana definitely showed us how easy the process is, and shared all her knowledge based upon her own experiences with making her own soap. The take home notes were a great addition, and it was great to be able to make the soap on the day to take home. We can’t wait to make our own!!"

Education partnerships

Contiki Hangouts - Making natural soap

It was a real pleasure to be featured in a Contiki hangout and receiving messages from people who felt inspired to start making their own soap!

You can easily take soap bars with you when you travel, and even make soap at the travel destination from local resources.

When it comes to soap you can have travel and sustainability going hand in hand!

Roxana has been holding sold out natural soap making workshops for the charity Walworth Garden since 2019 which during lockdown were held live online.

Walworth Garden is a unique charity dedicated to improving lives through horticulture. Open to everyone, our award-winning gardens provide an oasis in the heart of Southwark. It’s a place people come to relax, learn and grow.

What new skills have you learned during lockdown? It’s a shame not to use the time we have to learn something new and useful, especially when we have online technology at our fingertips. Roxana held a series of online DIY Cosmetics workshops for The Brain Charity from Liverpool.

The Brain Charity offers emotional support, practical help and social activities to anyone with a neurological condition and to their family, friends, and carers. 

Educational resources

We support charities

Smile of Hope is a charity run by people with a heart for children

Our purpose is to help terminally ill children and their families by alleviating their needs and help talented children thrive through arts. We work together with several hospices, hospitals, caring units, charities and schools in UK and abroad.