Diploma in Natural Soap Making

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21 modules, 81 units, 15 minutes study per unit, demonstration videos added all the time

Take away 15 different soap formulas to make at home

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What will you learn

Understand the basic chemistry of soap and how to make it

Learn how to use a soap calculator to make your own formulas and create unique soaps

Make fabulous soap from luxurious ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter)

Learn to make Castile, Aleppo, milk, exfoliating and honey soap

Master working with lye and how to protect yourself

Learn about gelling and how to gel your soap

Understand how to avoid mistakes and save your soap

Download your Diploma in Natural Soap Making upon completion

Soap making video demonstrations

Printable information

Fun quizzes and exercises

Video presentations

Ongoing support at roxana@ naturalsoapworkshop.com

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Come learn how simple it is to make a fantastic bar of soap!

Course price £ 60.00

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 The science of soap making
Unit 1 Short chemistry of soap
Module 3 Types of soap and methods to make them
Unit 1 Types of soap
Unit 2 Different methods used to make soap  – Preview
Module 4 Main ingredients used to make soap
Unit 1 Oils and butters
Unit 2 Sodium Hydroxide
Unit 3 Water and other liquids  – Preview
Module 5 Equipment used to make soap
Unit 1 What equipment do I need to make soap
Module 6 Where to buy ingredients and equipment
Unit 1 Where to buy ingredients
Unit 2 Where to buy equipment
Module 7 Creating a formula
Unit 1 Creating a new formula
Unit 2 Why and how to use a soap calculator  – Preview
Unit 3 What are superfat and lye discount
Unit 4 How to apply a water discount
Module 8 Working with lye
Unit 1 Precautions to take when working with lye
Module 9 Soap making process
Unit 1 Preparing to make soap and clearing up
Unit 2 What is trace and how to recognise it
Unit 3 Soap making checklist
Module 10 How to make milk soap
Unit 1 How to make animal and vegan milk soap
Module 11 Olive oil soaps
Unit 1 Castile soap
Unit 2 Aleppo soap
Module 12 Colouring your soap
Unit 1 Natural colours
Unit 2 Artificial colours
Module 13 How to fragrance your soap
Unit 1 Using essential oils
Unit 2 Mixing essential oils
Unit 3 Fragrance oils
Module 14 Using natural additives in soap
Unit 1 What are natural additives and how to use them  – Preview
Unit 2 Making a scrub soap
Unit 3 Honey soap
Module 15 Gelling your soap
Unit 1 What is gelling
Unit 2 To gel or not to gel
Module 16 Decorating the top of your soap
Unit 1 How to decorate the top of your soap
Module 17 Decorating the interior of your soap
Unit 1 How to decorate your soap
Module 18 Successful formulas and instructions to make them
Unit 1 Carrot juice and orange essential oil soap formula
Unit 2 Cucumber and avocado soap formula
Unit 3 Mint tea, eucalyptus, mint essential oil and dried mint soap formula
Unit 4 Coconut milk and mango butter soap formula
Unit 5 Almond milk and cocoa butter soap formula
Unit 6 Goat’s milk and citrus soap formula
Unit 7 French lavender olive oil soap formula
Unit 8 Vanilla and Shea butter soap formula
Unit 9 Honey and mint soap formula
Unit 10 Oat bran lemongrass exfoliating soap formula
Unit 11 Patchouli, shea butter and sustainable palm oil soap formula
Unit 12 Jojoba oil and jasmine soap formula
Unit 13 Pure soap with almond milk and almond fragrance formula
Unit 14 Amber and Argan oil soap formula
Unit 15 Apricot kernel oil and peach scent soap formula
Module 19 What moulds to use
Unit 1 Moulds you have at home
Unit 2 Professional moulds
Module 20 Curing and packaging your soap
Unit 1 Cutting, storing and curing the soap  – Preview
Unit 2 Packaging your soap
Module 21 What to do when things go wrong
Unit 1 What to do when things go wrong
Module 22 Conclusion
Unit 1 Conclusion
Module 23 More soap making videos!
Unit 1 More soap making videos!
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