Welcome to the soap gallery!

When it comes to creativity, soaps are nothing short of a miracle! Let your imagination flow and create your own designs in your favourite colours.

Check out the soaps below for a bit of inspiration. You can also learn more about soap designs in one of our online or live courses.

The Disco

Disco revival! A soap made in the colours and designs of the 70s!

Check out the soap making video in collaboration with Contiki to see how this soap was made.

The Smoke Wisp

A wispy smoke design made by swirling batter coloured with activated charcoal with the hanger tool. Each bar of soap will look different! 

The Wave

Made with soap coloured with indigo powder, activated charcoal, a bit of green clay and the natural colour of the soap.

DIY hand sanitizer soap course

The Honey & Turmeric Drop

Honey drop swirl soap, coloured with beautiful orange turmeric powder.

The Herbal

A beautiful herbal soap made with Hemp oil and dried mint leaves.

How to make botanical soap

The Ombre

Ombre soap made with indigo powder. 

How to do ombre design for soap

The Multi-ombre

A multi-ombre, made with yellow Korean clay and finished with French green clay.

The Confetti

The fun soap made with soap gratings in different colours, added to a soap base coloured with activated charcoal.

How to make soap with soap shavings

The Marbled

White base soap, orange clay and indigo powder, delicately marbled with a stirrer.

How to marble soap

The Embeds

Decorated with pre-made embeds. When it comes to soap embeds, the sky is the limit!

DIY hand sanitizing soap course