Lavender and eucalyptus soap with almond milk

I made a new batch of soap which I will donate to Havens Hospices. Havens Hospices provides palliative nursing and supportive care to adults and children living with complex or incurable conditions and I think they deserve a lot of respect and love for the work they do.

I hope some colourful natural soap will make the carers feel a bit better during these dreary times and that they will feel pampered.


  • Coconut oil 250 grams
  • Olive oil 600 grams
  • Sweet Almond Oil 30 grams
  • Castor oil 70 grams
  • Rapeseed oil 50 grams
  • Deionized water 135 gramsĀ 
  • Almond milk 135 grams
  • NaOH 139.16 grams
  • Lavender essential oil 10 grams
  • Eucalyptus essential oil 5.50 grams
  • Activated charcoal mixed with oil
  • Indigo powder mixed with oil
  • Green clay mixed with water

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