Soap making checklist

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8 thoughts on “Soap making checklist”

    • Hi Luiz,

      When making a soap formula, water is calculated as a percentage of the total quantity of oils used, not as a percentage of the total formula. This is how the soap calculators work, and following this concept will help you later if you want to create your own formulas.

      As for this formula 600 grams of oil * 38% = 228 grams of water, which means the water quantity is 38% of the total oil quantity.

  1. Apron to use: of what material is it
    Goggles: are these the welding ones?
    Gloves: can I use the rubber household cleaning ones
    Long sleeved top: Of what material should this be made from

    • Any apron will do. But if you have a plastic one so the liquid doesn’t seep through it it’s better. I’ve replied already to your question regarding the goggles and the information is included also in the course in the unit “what equipment do I need to make soap”. In the same unit I have given details about the gloves. Any material long sleeved top will do.

  2. 1.I have not bought the equipment yet, can I rad through up to the end of all the lessons, then try the exercises when I have bought the equipment


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