How to decorate your soap with colours

Solid colour – Colour your entire batch of soap in a colour of your choice. I love how the pink colour of this soap harmonizes with the flower shape of the soap.

How to make soap with soap shavings

Soap confetti – make a small batch of soap and leave it white. After it’s hardened grate it or cut it in small pieces, make another batch of soap and colour it in a different colour then add the soap grating or embeds to the new batch of soap and pour in the mould. This is a great way to use the small ends of soap or good soap which you are bored of using.

Honey natural soap

Drop swirl – Make a batch of soap and keep 10 % of the total quantity separate. Colour the 10 % in another colour. Pour the main colour in the mould and then pour the second colour in the mould while moving your beaker higher and lower as you pour down the length of the mould. Moving the beaker higher and lower will allow the swirls to go deeper or stay closer to the top of your soap;

Ombre – Start by making a batch of soap and choose one colour. Pour a bit of your soap into the mould, then add small quantity of colour to the remaining soap i.e. you make 1000 grams of soap, then add some to the mould and to the rest of the soap add 10 drops of turmeric mixed with water. Then pour again some of the soap in the mould. Add 10 drops of turmeric mixed in water to the remaining soap and add some to the mould. Continue the process of pouring and adding colour to the remaining soap until you are out of soap. Each time you will add the colour to the remaining soap, the colour will become more intense and your soap will have an ombre effect.

Marbling – split your batch in 3 different portions and colour each of them in a different colour. Pour the colours alternatively on the length of the log mould. Then take a skewer, push it all the way down to the bottom of the mould and swirl the layers. Arrange the mould so the poured lines lay horizontally to you, push the skewer in the upper right corner, drag towards you, then move the skewer one centimetre to the left and push away from you without taking the skewer out. Then continue to alternate until you reach the other side of the mould leaving 1 cm distance between each drag);

Click on the videos below to see how to easily decorate the top of your soap with simple and beautiful designs

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