What are superfat and lye discount

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4 thoughts on “What are superfat and lye discount”

  1. Question #2: When can I add my superfat oils to the soap?
    Your Answer:
    When I measure the oils

    Explanation: You can weigh and mix all oils and butters in one go.
    So why is my answer incorrect?

  2. Hi Roxana,
    Oil that has smell like sesame oil, once it has been saponified with NaOH, will the smell of sesame oil dissapear or remain?

    Second question is:
    The oil after saponification, will the oil still give the same quality like before, or the benefits that the oil can give to skin reduce because of the chemical reaction?

    • Hi Feny,

      There are some oils which have a strong scent, and you can smell the scent of the oil in the soap. Some of these oils are sesame oil, neem oil and laurel berry oil. What you could do is use a low percentage of these oils in your soap so the scent is not that strong.

      Excellent question. It is hard to say if any of the properties of oils survive saponification. So in the majority of countries with strong regulations if you want to have claims for your soap i.e. the soap can erase wrinkles, whiten skin, etc, you need to provide scientific proof before you can actually make the claim. Another thing to mention is that soap is a wash off product. You put it on your skin and wash it off immediately, so it doesn’t stay on the skin for a long enough time to have a significant effect on the skin.


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