What is natural soap and basic soap ingredients

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2 thoughts on “What is natural soap and basic soap ingredients”

  1. Sorry this question was confusing as all the time you mention the need for lye to make soap even though it is not left at the end of the process.You do not mention any other alkali.

    • Hi, are you referring to a question in particular? Or maybe the question “Have you ever wondered why natural soap is called natural?” I will try to answer it anyway, however all I can do is just repeat what I wrote in the course unit. Natural soap is soap made only with ingredients of natural provenance such as oils and butters extracted from plants and nuts, essential oils distilled from plants or fruit rind (amongst other things), a liquid (water, milk, etc) and lye.

      You cannot make soap from oils and butters without lye. Without the lye to react with the fats to transform them into soap you will have just that, fats.

      I do not mention other alkali because there are none.


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