Using essential oils in soap

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How to use essential oils in cold process soap
Question #1: Can essential oils be faked?
Please chose if the answer is true or false
Question #2: Are strawberry and banana fragrance oils (and not essential oils)?
Please choose one answer
Question #3: Can essential oils make the soap seize (harden faster)?
Please choose the correct answer

2 thoughts on “Using essential oils in soap”

  1. Hi,

    On the question ‘Are strawberry and banana fragrance oils (and not essential oils)?’ I chose yes as my answer but you’ve said no explaining that ‘neither banana nor strawberry can be used to extract essential oils’ and ‘you can buy strawberry or banana fragrance oil.’ I don’t know if i’m reading this wrong but to me it should be yes as they are in fact fragrance oils and not essential oils as you’ve gone on to explain.

    • Hi Thom,

      You are absolutely right! Strawberry and banana flavours are indeed fragrance oils, not essential oils. I apologise for the confusion and thank you for letting me know.


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