How to avoid mistakes and how to repair them

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2 thoughts on “How to avoid mistakes and how to repair them”

  1. Hello Roxana I have now made 2 batches of soap from your recipes in this course. The basic natural soap turned out fine and is now curing. My second recipe Castile soap, which I un moulded after 2 days as per your instructions broke into pieces as I cut it from the block that was 30cm x 6cm x 8cm. Please advise as to why this happened. Also would it be possible for me to melt the pieces and remould maybe in small individual moulds and if so is this best done now or after 6 months of curing?
    I hope you will be able to help with this. Thank you. Kind regards Jenny Daniels

    • Hi Jenny,

      That’s great that you’ve given the soap recipes a try! There could be a few factors why you have the issues with the Castile soap.

      1. Lye heavy – after 4/5 days after you’ve made the soap try to touch it with the tip of your tongue. If you feel a zap then it’s lye heavy and you have to re-batch it.
      2. Did you by any chance use olive oil pomace? It tends to harden the soap a lot faster.
      3. What kind of fragrance did you use?
      4. Sometimes the type of oil will make the soap harden faster.

      How to fix it. If it’s lye heavy you need to go back to the notes where you wrote how much you weighted of each ingredient. Not the formula, but the actual weighing. Sometime it happens that the formula is ok but something went wrong with the weighing. You need to find out how much oil you need to add and then rebatch it.

      If the soap it’s not lye heavy but just hard then you need to rebatch it. You cannot melt the soap, but you can grate it and rebatch it like I have detailed in the course – add water and cook the soap in a crock pot then scoop it into a mould and let it cure for 6 months to one year.

      Please let me know how you got on.

      Kind regards,


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