Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Soap Hand Sanitizer course - Introduction
Module 2 What is natural soap and how to make it from scratch
Unit 1 What is natural soap and basic soap ingredients
Unit 2 How to make natural soap from scratch  - Preview
Module 3 Natural ingredients, including locally sourced and ingredients you have at home
Unit 1 Soap ingredients and how to use them
Unit 2 Locally sourced ingredients
Module 4 Equipment needed, including equipment you have at home and home made moulds
Unit 1 Equipment needed, including some you already have at home
Unit 2 What home items can you use as moulds
Module 5 How to protect yourself when working with lye
Unit 1 How to protect yourself when working with lye
Module 6 Soap making process – step-by-step instructions
Unit 1 How to make natural soap
Unit 2 How to use natural soap
Module 7 How to use natural colours to colour your soap
Unit 1 What natural colours to use in your soap  - Preview
Module 8 How to fragrance your soap naturally
Unit 1 Using essential oils to fragrance your soap
Module 9 How to easily decorate your soap with natural ingredients you have on hand
Unit 1 How to decorate your soap with colours  - Preview
Unit 2 Using herbs and flowers to decorate your soap
Module 10 Moisturizing DIY hand sanitizer soap formulas and instructions to make them at home
Unit 1 French lavender olive oil soap formula
Unit 2 Orange, olive oil and coconut oil soap formula
Unit 3 Oat bran lemongrass exfoliating soap formula
Unit 4 Caramelised mint and honey soap formula
Unit 5 Exotic coconut milk and may chang/ylang-ylang soap formula
Unit 6 Conditioning grapefruit and Shea butter soap formula
Unit 7 English inspired rapeseed and English lavender soap formula
Module 11 Curing your soap
Unit 1 How to cure your soap
Module 12 What to do when things go wrong
Unit 1 How to avoid mistakes and how to repair them
Module 13 More soap making videos!
Unit 1 More soap making videos!
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