DIY Hand Sanitizer Soap Course

Learn to make your own natural hand sanitizing soap and protect yourself and the ones you love from diseases

Course price £ 30.00

Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to protect yourself and the ones you love against COVID-19. Soap is more effective against viruses and bacteria than alcohol-based gel hand sanitizer as demonstrated by scientists in one of the most popular TED-Ed talks (click here to see the presentation).

Natural soap is naturally antibacterial, so it doesn’t need any additional antibacterial properties, but at the same time is much kinder to the skin than alcohol-based hand sanitizers, because it doesn’t contain alcohol which dries your skin.

Washing your hands very often and for longer will dry out your hands but using a moisturizing natural hand sanitizer soap will help keep your hands soft while keeping you healthy.   

Learn to make moisturizing hand sanitizing soap at home using oils from the supermarket and never run out of soap again!

Course details

Suitable for absolute beginners

No pre-requisites

Enroll anytime, home study and self-paced

23 easy units, 15 minutes study per unit, demonstration videos added all the time

Includes 7 different soap formulas to make at home

One year access, from anywhere in the world

What will you learn

Learn how to easily make simple natural hand sanitizing soap  

Use ingredients and equipment you have at home 

Learn to make olive oil, coconut oil, milk, exfoliating and honey soap

Master working with lye

Understand how to avoid mistakes when making soap


Soap making video demonstrations

Printable information

Fun quizzes and exercises

Video presentations

Ongoing support at support@

Check out some of the units for free

Course price £ 30.00

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 What is natural soap and how to make it from scratch
Unit 1 What is natural soap
Unit 2 How to make natural soap from scratch  – Preview
Module 3 Natural ingredients, including locally sourced and ingredients you have at home
Unit 1 What ingredients you need and how to use them
Unit 2 Locally sourced ingredients
Module 4 Equipment needed, including equipment you have at home and home made moulds
Unit 1 Equipment needed, including some you already have at home
Unit 2 What home items can you use as moulds
Module 5 How to protect yourself when working with lye
Unit 1 How to protect yourself when working with lye
Module 6 Soap making process – step-by-step instructions
Unit 1 How to make natural soap
Unit 2 How to use natural soap
Module 7 How to use natural colours to colour your soap
Unit 1 What natural colours to use in your soap  – Preview
Module 8 How to fragrance your soap naturally
Unit 1 Using essential oils to fragrance your soap
Module 9 How to easily decorate your soap with natural ingredients you have on hand
Unit 1 How to decorate your soap with colours  – Preview
Unit 2 Using herbs and flowers to decorate your soap
Module 10 Moisturizing DIY hand sanitizer soap formulas and instructions to make them at home
Unit 1 Castile (100% olive oil) soap
Unit 2 Bastille soap
Unit 3 Sugar lemongrass exfoliating soap
Unit 4 Honey soap
Unit 5 Milk soap
Unit 6 Shea butter soap
Unit 7 Rapeseed soap
Module 11 Curing your soap
Unit 1 How to cure your soap
Module 12 What to do when things go wrong
Unit 1 How to avoid mistakes and how to repair them
Module 13 More soap making videos!
Unit 1 More soap making videos!
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